Women Who Work, Ivanka Trump’s new book


Last January Donald Trump came to the White House and with him came the changes, not just for him, but for all members of his family. At first, her daughter Ivanka Trump planned to publish her famous book, ‘Women Who Work’ this March, but due to the election campaign and subsequent victory of her father she had to delay the publication. Finally, the book will hit stores next May 2 and points out ways to become a reference guide for working women.

Women Who Work:

Rewriting the Rules of Success, combines advice with self-help and insurance will come loaded with controversy. This is the second book by Ivanka Trump, the first focused on explaining how her family achieved the triumph, and recognizes that she is where she is for her work and her effort and has not taken advantage of her family situation. Currently, Donald Trump’s daughter is a successful businesswoman, so perhaps it would not hurt to take her advice seriously.
“Some people who believe that my success is the result of a nepotism well done, should also know that they are wrong.” There is no way to measure the advantages I have had by bearing the Trump surname, so instead of worrying about what the People think, I’m focused on making sure that success continues for the next generation of Trumps. “Trump did not play by appearance, we played to win,” said Ivanka.

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The daughter of the current president of the United States, also collaborated in another book called How to be a financial adult, he gave advice on how, when and what you should invest your money. “I am cautious in deciding where and how you spend your money,” said Ivanka Trump. “I appreciate the waste as much as anyone, but I tend to be more prudent than imprudent.

The businesswoman acknowledged that she became the financial adult of whom the book speaks when she was only 14 when she and her siblings traveled in economy class instead of business, like her mother. “With the typical teenager rage I expressed my discomfort about how we had sat.My mother told me that I could use my own money to improve my seat.It reminded me that I should be grateful for the opportunity to travel.I was really right and I ended up traveling To my destination by bus “.


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