Why Beyoncé will not finally act in Coachella?


The singer, pregnant with twins, has decided to suspend her performance

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Beyoncé, who reported on her late pregnancy in February with the publication of a generous amount of images, has acknowledged that she will not perform this year at the Coachella Festival, which will take place in April. Of course, it has confirmed that will be headlining in 2018.

Singer of ‘Single Ladies’ made public their second pregnancy through Instagram, and then we discovered that in addition it would be of twins! And we could also see her beyond the photographs, looking proud of her maternity goddess look at the Grammy Awards gala. As we also saw that the state of gestation of the presumed was very advanced, and so, it is not surprising his last statement in which finally, announces that it suspends its action that would take place in the most acclaimed festival of music of California, the Coachella.
Following the advice of the doctors, Beyoncé will see reduced their next appointments, especially in those that involve climbing a stage. “We have been blessed doubly, we are incredibly grateful that our family will grow by two, and we thank you for your good wishes,” the artist herself wrote in her Instagram account…….

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The couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have maintained their relationship for 15 years, seemingly perfect, if we omit that sounded unfaithful episode of the rapper, which his wife was in charge of exposing half the world through their songs. In 2008, they secretly married the Eiffel Tower as witness, and three years later they reported the birth of their first daughter, Blue Ivy, in a very similar way: during the performance at the MTV Video Music Awards gala, Where Beyoncé simply unfastened a button from her jacket, released the microphone, caressed her belly (this time less advanced) and revolutionized the entire gala.
It seems that this year, if we are lucky enough to attend the famous California festival, we will have to settle for the presence of Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Justice, The XX, Empire of the Sun or Crystal Castles. But whatever happens, Beyoncé has already promised that in the 2018 poster, we will see her name above the rest.

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