Why Do People Have Affairs? Read This If Your Relationship Or Marriage Is On The Rocks


According to a recent survey 45% of women and 55% of men have cheated in a relationship. And that's just the ones who've been sentenced or who 'admitted to it so the true figures are probably consider higher. What's even more worrying is that these figures are rising all the time.

So if infidelity is so common, what are the main reasons for it?

Men and women tend to have affairs for different reasons. Men are more likely to cheat for the physical excellence and satisfaction whereas women are more likely to look for someone else to give them the affection that they are not getting from their partner or spouse.

Whatever the case, people have affairs because they are not fully satisfied in their relationship or marriage.

Instead of being open with their partner, telling them how they are feeling and trying to put the missing ingredients into their existing relationship they tend to look for the answers elsewhere.

The question is why?

One main reason is that so many couples do not know how to communicate effectively. Little issues get swept under the carpet instead of being resolved. In isolation they may not be that important or damaging to the relationship but over time all these little issues accumulate into one big one.

Another reason is that it's getting easier to cheat all the time. Technical advances such as cell phones and the Internet have opened up so many new opportunities. It's becoming easier to find a solution outside of your relationship than perhaps confronting some of the delicate issues that need resolving.

So people ending up having affairs which they then so often regret. The damage is done, they wish they could put things right but they do not know how to. After all, if they could not sort out the problems in their relationship beforehand how are they going to do it now when the situation is so much more elaborate and difficult?

Source by Christina Young


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