I washed my hair with soap for dishes and this is what happened

An emergency solution for oily hair

Not all girls have the bad fortune to live with greasy hair, so for some of you this method is not recommended, but if you’ve been battling greasy hair for years, it has probably happened to you that even if you wash it, it looks like Do not leave your head. For those moments of extreme emergency is the soap for frets.

It turns out that in the area of ​​the DF in which we live from time to time we run out of water, and this forces me to wash my greasy hair to buckets (because I can not afford to spend a whole day without soap). But despite my efforts, after a weekend of half baths, my hair needs a good wash. First I tried to use only shampoo, but the fat was reluctant to leave. Then I turned to my favorite remedy, a teaspoon of baking soda.

The problem was that when I dried my hair, I realized I had used baking powder instead of baking soda (in my defense the cans look alike) and I still had some fat that was reluctant to leave me. So thanks to a quick Internet search I found several people who recommended using soap droplets for dishes.


Considering that it cuts to the fat of the frying pans I decided to try it. First I applied conditioner to the tips to protect them and then without rinsing the conditioner, I used a trickle of soap like the size of a 2-peso coin to carve my scalp.

Surprise! It worked perfect. My hair stopped feeling sticky and finally lasted my fringe all day without greasing. Would you use this method frequently? Not really, I think I dry my hair more than bicarbonate, so I’ll leave it as an emergency option, but if any of you have been through a similar problem know how desperate it is to wash and wash and continue to feel dirty hair.

If someone has another tip please share it with us!


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