Top 10 Celebrities to whom surgery suits them


We analyze well-operated celebrities surgery and aesthetic treatments That have changed their faces and have sat them phenomenally. Elsa Pataky, Blake Lively, Céline Dion, Demi Moore … discover the celebrities who have improved with photo-by-photo cosmetic surgery!

Marta Sanchez

marta sanchez surgery   The singer Marta Sanchez has not hesitated to go through the scalpel to keep her face younger and more harmonious. Lips, cheekbones and some doses of Botox are some of the artist’s recognizable touches and they have done very well.

Céline Dion

celine dion surgery   Canadian singer Céline Dion presumes her face today thanks to powerful dental surgery, nose-trimming rhinoplasty and other subtle but aesthetically imperceptible reqtoues that have improved her face. Who has seen it in the 1988 photo on the left and currently on the right? Its aesthetic change to the best is undeniable.

Jennifer Cnnelly

jennifer connely surgery   Actress Jennifer Connelly has transformed her face with a rhinoplasty to tune her nose and after losing a few extra pounds and framing her eyebrows, she has refined her face and is still more or more spectacular right now than in 2001 (right) before To undergo this surgery intervention.

Blake Lively

blake lively surgery   The protagonist of “Gossip Girl”; Blake Lively is another one who seems to be someone else (and for the better) after his rhinoplasty. Not to mention her breast augmentation surgery that has opened her doors to become one of the movie’s sexiest actresses. So sometimes go through the operating room, you can sit very well as is your case.

Megan Fox

megan fox surgery   Megan Fox has not only operated on her nose, but also her cheekbones, lips and eyes and has completely changed her physiognomy. And although his face is more smooth and perfect every day is in the thin line that with a few touches can reach the excess.

Elsa Pataky

elsa pataky surgery The transformation of Elsa Pataky to become one of the sexiest actresses in Spain and the world has not been a coincidence. His rhinoplasty more than evident from Dr. Juan Peñas (he only has to see his real nose in the frame of the series “When leaving Class” to the left) and a juicier and more turgid cheekbones have made of his face one of the most Admired

Scarlett Johansson

scarllet johanson surgery Scarlett Johansson has softened her facial features with a very successful rhinoplasty and in which she has not minimized her nose in front of other celebrities who are much more noticeable the passage through the scalpel. A total success.

Sarah Jessica Parker

sarah jessica parket surgery   Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has never confessed to going through the scalpel. There is a big difference between the photo of the 2000 actress’s left versus the right now (and it’s not just about curly hair). However, the change in dimensions of his nose and his much sharper look as well as his chin, is more than evident. And what is certain is that over the years, has won in beauty and style being one of the most admired celebrities.

Demi Moore

demi moore surgery   Despite being breast-operated, Demi Moore has become one of the best-operated celebrities. On the right an image of you this January and the left of 2001. Who would say that almost 20 years have passed? The protagonist of “Ghost” is a mystery to study. But subtle touch-ups make the difference.

Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock surgery While acknowledging that she would never undergo cosmetic surgery, it is more than evident that Sandra Bullock has her nose touched. Although he has alleged respiratory and non-aesthetic problems. However, years back in 1978 we saw how much wider and less restopona looked. But his face after his passage through the scalpel or rhinoplasty has been one of the most sought after in Hollywood.


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