That’s how a 31-year-old woman discovered on Facebook that she’s adopted

Now she wants to find her biological mother, who was 16 when she was born.

Argentinean Silvina Martinez Pintos, 31, a mother of two, was on Facebook when she discovered a revealing picture: a photo of her cousin’s birthday in 1985 at a time when her mother was supposed to be pregnant with her. However, in the photo did not look pregnant, and this led to Silvina to find out more about its true origin.

Silvina’s adoptive mother confessed that she was adopted for adoption by a 16-year-old teenage girl from Trelew, and that she and her adoptive father registered her as their own the day she was born.

Now that she knows the truth, Silvina posted on Facebook a message to find her biological mother:

Hello … I was born in Trelew on March 27, 1985 and I learned recently that I was adopted. Within days of being born my adoptive parents took me to live in the silver (where they lived) where I lived for 11 years until I moved to sea of ​​silver (place where I currently pray) .. I would love to know about that girl who had me and gave birth to me .. I just know that I was born in the model clinic at 11.30 in the morning .. and my mom qe biological was 16 years old at the time of delivery and the director and who attended the delivery was Dr. Ricardo Carminatti .. I would be interested to find it .. not to judge it much less .. I just want to know who I look like, if I have brothers .. and just listen to it … it was very hard to know the truth, since I always suspect it and they confirmed it to me without saying more to me than this … my foster mother does not know anything else (or does not want to tell me more) my dad adoptivo passed away and I want to know sincerely what happened, if they abandoned me, if they sold me … I need to know er to be able to continue with my life and close this story that has to do with my identity ..

Thanks to all who were sharing my story and those who have offered me their help !! …

“Papeles do not think they exist,” said the Argentine. “It’s either because she abandoned me or because they claimed that I was born dead, but in the papers I figure as the daughter of Susana and Juan Pablo I do not think there are any papers I want to find with her I want to know Without judging her I will not judge I’m not going to tell her what a bad thing she left me, just listen to what led her to that. “


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