Stop My Divorce – Some Simple Advice on How to Stop My Divorce and Save Your Relationship


Maybe your relationship has come upon difficult times and you or your spouse has filed for divorce. Now something has changed and you have second thoughts about it. It is now a good time to stop the divorce and possibly save the relationship before the final paperwork is signed. If this is you, here is some advice to help you stop the divorce.

  • You must convince the other person into giving your relationship another chance. Having said that, you do not want to be too eager and plead with them to get back together. This could prove to be counter productive and only drive them further away and to realize the a divorce is the only way.
  • Grow up. Start behaving in a pleasant manner and acting more mature. In a calm manner explain to the other person why you would like another chance. Make it clear to the other person that you would like another chance at the relationship. They just might respond to your calm behavior in a surprising and positive way.
  • Showing your maturity you might suggest to the other person that it may be a good idea to seek marital or couples counseling in order to stop the divorce. Millions of other have benefited from counseling and it could also work in your case. If nothing else, it will help to delay the finalizing of the divorce, and give you and your relationship a reprieve.
  • By seeking counseling it will give you a chance to deal with the relationship problems and show how much you love the other person. Talking about the past will also remind them why you got together in the beginning. This might just be enough to cause them to reconsider and stop the divorce.

You must keep in mind that having successfully stopped the divorce that it will always be an option to the other person if things were to revert back again. Keep up with the counseling and constantly be aware of your situation and the state of your relationship.

Source by James Downey


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