Some Relationship Advice for Women Who Are Too Attached


When two people are in a relationship, both of them should make everything work for each others benefit. There’s always a huge amount of respect and trust to be given to your partner, not to mention a whole lot of love, but not all men care for too much of it. Some men prefer to have a woman who gives them the attention and care they seek, while others need some breathing space, thus an independent woman who can look out for herself at the same time give what is needed in the relationship. If you’re the type to smother and be all over your man, you might have to rethink your strategy as the worst thing you could ever hear from him is saying you’re too attached, or clingy. It’s normal to be possessive if there was a commitment established, but sometimes it just goes way overboard that things turn damaging to the relationship. In order to avoid this, here is some relationship advice for women who have a tendency to become clingy.

Take note of the number of times you call him in a day. Does it go beyond once or twice? Do you always ask him what he had for lunch or where he’s going? When you feel the need to know every little move he makes down to the minutest detail, this is a surefire sign of too much attachment. Give him some breathing space; make him feel like you miss him by not devoting all of your time to figuring out where or how he is. Focus on your own needs for the time being, and save the rest for a date.

One thing to remember is that you never force an “I love you” out of him. Sure, it does feel good to hear him say those words, but not because you wanted him to say it. That gesture falls on borderline obsession, so just remember that not every male is particularly comfortable with saying those three special words and would rather show their feelings through actions. And please, avoid throwing a jealous fit when you see him talking to another woman, she could be a co-worker or a friend from his school days. He is your boyfriend, not your slave. The last thing any man needs in a relationship is a control freak. Heed this relationship advice for women and make sure you sort yourself out first if you want to make something work.

Source by Robert D. Harrison


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