Sofia Vergara unrecognizable without makeup and face washed


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The actress has surprised all her followers with this image on Instagram

sofia vergara without makeup

Every day more celebrities appear without makeup on social networks like Instagram to show that behind the cameras are human and have their problems like most mortals. The last one to surprise us? The actress Sofia Vergara who just appeared in bed and with fever with the face washed in which the protagonist of “Modern Family” is unrecognizable.

We have been impressed with the image that just uploaded by the actress Sofia Vergara to Instagram and for that reason, we have decided to show you to prove that we all have a bad day.
In the case of the Colombian actress is that she is sick after filming in Rome in the rain and has hung an image in which appears with the face without makeup and with cheeks rosy by the effect of the fever of its influenza process.
And is that accustomed to seeing the actress impeccable with a makeup and a perfect hairstyle, the thing changes when we see that anyone (even her) can catch an unprepared cold.

To calm her followers (no less than … in Instagram) has also published a “sick soup” (rich in vegetables) to try to recover.

Sopa de enfermošŸ¤§#lefaltaƱame!šŸ˜©#enbevhillsnohayvitualla

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