Sarah McDaniel, the model that captivates the networks with her striking two-color eyes


sarah mcdaniel eye

More and more young girls become models thanks to their rare beauty. American Sarah McDaniel became famous on Instagram for her striking bicolor eyes.

The 21-year-old girl was born with iridum heterochromia, a mutation that makes her eyes look different in color.

Although this anomaly is more common in Siberian cats and dogs, it rarely occurs in humans: six out of every thousand people.

sarah mcdaniel

Sarah’s right eye is amber green, while the left is deep blue.

This striking look has allowed the young model to be the agency LA Models.

Is it Photoshop?

Although some claim that she wears contact lenses, she has confirmed in her social networks that her eyes are 100% real.

And to back up his words, the photographer who has held several sessions with her, Gregorio Campos, confirmed it.

The professional told Arsenic Magazine that he has never done digital retouching to the girl’s photos. That his “imperfection” is beautiful: “I like to make imperfections look good, whether it’s the atmosphere or the model.”

sarah mcdaniel eye color

Currently, Sarah McDaniel has 825,000 followers on Instagram under the pseudonym “Krotchy”.

The girl has become a space in the world of fashion and now her career is on the rise.

sarah mcdaniel hot


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