Relationship Advice – Why Men Leave and How to Avoid It


Most relationships pass through good times, and bad times. If yours is currently passing through stormy waters as a woman you are probably wondering how you can make things better, and return to the good times. It is important that you understand what makes men leave a relationship, as this may help you to hold things together and weather the storm intact.

It is amazing how things that simply are not true or at least misconceived has become accepted as fact. For example you may have heard, and even firmly believe, the saying "Men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love". Like all throw away stereotypes this may even contain some truth, but I feel it is damaging to take this at face value, and fact. It tends to suggest that all men need to be happy in a relationship is sex, and this is just not true. If you believe this it may be damaging to your relationship, and probably probably all dealings with men that you have.

I think the "men use love to get sex" thing stems from the double standards that have been perpetuated in society over the ages. The truth is men and women have very similar sex drives, however men are encouraged to brag about their sexual exploits, and are revered for their conquests. Whereas the exact opposite is true for women; they are encouraged to be good, and chased, and if they should be seen to enjoy sex are labeled with some very negative words which I will not repeat here. You can see where the problem arises.

Is it any wonder our relationships can be so variable. When the male side is being told they can not control their urges, and the female side is being told that it is wrong that they even have these urges in the first place. It is in my opinion about time we change this double standard in society. Our relationships as a whole would be a lot more stable if we accept ourselves for what we are; that is, complex befits that need much more from our partners than the purely physical to be fulfilled.

In our lives with our significant other, we all need to address our spiritual and emotional, as well as each others physical needs. This is the path to a successful long term relationship. Addressing all of his emotional needs will make your man more secure, and assured of your love from him.

I really do feel one of the main reasons why men leave a relationship, is when you only address his physical sexual needs, and believe this is all that that needed to keep him happy. However you need to connect with your man on all levels to be really assured that your relationship will last and remain strong. Take a good look at yours, and you may be able to make sure it prevails, and goes from good to better.

Source by Tony Kitson


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