Relationship Advice For Men – Look at What She Does Not What She Says


What should man know if they want a relationship to last a long time. The best relationship advice for man would be to stop listening to what women say that they want and just observes what they do and choices that they make.

By doing that you will find out what they really want, let say your woman is very affectionate, that would be a sign that she would like the same, if she gives you a little present that is what would make her happy. Even when women do not express those desires to man if you watch what they do, that should give you a big clue what they really want from you.

1. She might say that she is interested in particular type of man, but when you watch who she picks you will get a clue as to what type of man she is attracted to.

2. A women may say that she wants a man that will listen to her. In actuality she ends up picking someone that dominates all conversations. They may say that they want a man that has a good sense of humor, but who is she dating, well she picks someone that has money.

Why do women say they want one thing but actually do just the opposite? Subconsciously when a woman evaluates a man she is evaluating a man for a future husband and a father to the kids that she will have someday.

3. She decrees that a good dad for her kids would be someone who would be a good provider, not necessarily someone that would listen to her. In her subconscious mind she is picking a perfect father for her kids. So she picks someone that has money, and has a good work ethic.

4. It's very important for a woman to know that the man she picks will be generous with his money and will provide for her children. That is why she places such a high value on gifts that she receives from her man, such as jewelry. When you ask her to marry you and give her a substantial size diamond that tells her that you are ready to provide for her and her children.

So, the largest piece of relationship advice for men is to figure out what women need from an evolution point of view and give it to her.

Source by Jeanette Fitzgerald


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