Total Body Workout And Power Pops diet “?” The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

power pop diet

In every weight loss programs, the number one factor that needs to be resolved is the diet. Your diet is the most important thing to change for you to lose weight. However, changing your diet alone cant make you fit and sexy, exercise will.

Power Pops by Essante is there to help you lose weight and correct your unhealthy eating behavior. Because of the Hoodia element found in every Power Pops product, you will lessen your food intake to the normal and maybe less amount and it also helps in burning excess calorie and fat deposits in your body.

Once the effects of Power Pop is starting to show, your tissues will become lose because of the fats that are burned, thats why exercising and following some simple body workouts is necessary. Today, lets learn about some total body workouts that you can incorporate with your Power Pop diet so you can lose those fats fast.

In using Power Pops, you dont need to do strenuous exercise. Simple total and specific body workouts may do and this can be done for at least 30 minutes a day or even 30 minutes every other day or simply 3 times per week.

These exercises are just necessary to tone your loose muscles due to the release of fats. It also helps in building lean muscles that can help you burn more fats even at rest.

So lets take a look on some of the total body workouts for you.

Brisk Walking, Jogging, Running

Walking, especially brisk walking is considered as the most common total body workout. Walking everyday helps in the blood circulation and therefore promotes the exchange of oxygen within the cellular level. It also tones the muscles of the whole body but it also specifically targets the lower muscle area.

With brisk walking, jogging or running, you can tone your muscles and burn calories as well. Calories are burned because of the increased activity of the whole body parts even by the organs. Walking daily or at least 3 times per week also helps increase the metabolism rate which is necessary to burn more calories.

Abdominal Exercises

Another total body workout is abdominal exercises. Though this exercise is termed as abdominal exercises, they also work the body muscles of the whole body. Each muscle is stretch and each muscle has an active cellular activity. The best thing about this exercise is the effect on the abdominal muscles.

This exercise specifically targets the abdominal muscle group and it can greatly help you lose weight and be sexy. The abdomen is the first muscle group that harbors a lot of fats because of the nature of tissues found in this area. By working on your abdominal muscles, more fats are burned and more muscles are formed.

You can do this exercise for 15 minutes daily. A normal stretching and twisting is enough. Make sure that you dont stress your muscles too much because excessive workout is also a bad thing. If the muscles and tissue are stressed, your bodys reaction is to repair the tissues first. If your tissues are being repaired, fats are not burned.


Though swimming is a known sport it is also a total body workout. When you are swimming, your muscle body groups are working. So during swimming you can lose a lot of calories while you also tone your muscles in your entire muscle group. Swimming is definitely a great total body workout aside from its fun and easy to do.

So if you want to lose weight today, follow these total body workout regimens and the Power Pop diet. Surely, youll lose pounds after pounds in no time and youll achieve the body you wish in no time. Say goodbye to fatty abs and excessive weight and start working on your Power Pop diet and workout.


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