The Oscars Red Carpet Beauty Mistakes


Red Carpet Beauty Mistakes

On the red carpet of the Oscars 2017, not everything has been successful when it comes to betting on a hairstyle or makeup hoc with the look of gala of the most important night of the cinema. There have also been major red carpet beauty mistakes that have not gone unnoticed. Write some of the least successful hairstyles and make-up at the 2017 Oscars!
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Dakota Johnson: no bangs and crazy

red carpet beauty mistakes
In addition to her dress, actress Dakota Johnson has had a style and a beauty that is far from what we have seen on previous occasions. In addition to an unflattering dress, you have to add her semi-pick that hardened her features and detracted from naturalness in addition to making even her rare generous brow. To her, she feels much better the fringe with a more carefree mane and full of movement.


Ginnifer Goodwin: very sharp eyebrows and excessive shadows

red carpet beauty mistakes
While Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cut in this issue turned out to be the least risky of her dress, more so was her eye makeup with too dark shadows and black eyebrows that hardened her sweet features. Error!

Something about the beauty look of Nicola Lester!

red carpet beauty mistakes
Although the naturalness is a degree on the red carpet of the Oscars, that of the actress Nicola Lester surpasses us. Her lingerie dress that looks like a nightgown coupled with a short hair disheveled and with that swirl of tip in the purest style “Something happens with Mary” and her face without makeup, has left us speechless.

Cynthia Erivo: Afro white hair with painted eyebrows

red carpet beauty mistakes
Sometimes a pattern of beauty can be most shocking. This is the case that Cynthia Erivo has worn with her short afro hair and white discolored with a little eyebrow makeup with these drawn down and very marked. In short, a look that more than red carpet looks like a disguise if we also put the pink lips in full color.

Olivia Blame: too much violet shadow and extreme wet effect

red carpet beauty mistakes
The actress Olivia Culpo has not hit a beauty look full of excesses. From the excess of violet shadows with nude lips that make a bad face to the collected with excess of product add years and also do not favor him at all.

Mimi Valdés: gray hair that adds years

red carpet beauty mistakes
Gray hair has become a trend on the red carpet. However, there are exceptions like that of Mimi Valdés, because it puts her years and is not at all flattering with a pick up like that braid of root and a makeup with a dress too pop. Nothing to see. A mistake that lack of consistency of style, do not you think?

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Sofia Boutella and her irregular baby fringe

red carpet beauty mistakes
The ballet dancer and actress Sofia Boutella failed with her fringe baby fringe very short but without form that deprived protagonism to his outfit full of glamor.

Taraji P. Henson: less is more

red carpet beauty mistakes
In the case of actress Taraji P. Henson, less is more. If you presume of scallop XXL, nothing like betting for a more minimalist hairstyle to gain in elegance. However the false short at full volume and the glitter excess in the face in both metalized shadows and in the neck of excess illuminator, are excessive.

Ava DuVernay: XXL dreadlocks with paillettes dress

red carpet beauty mistakes
Sometimes an unsuccessful hairstyle can ruin a look. If instead of leaving her dreadlocks to the wind, Ava DuVernay would have collected them in a bun would have been a more favorable pattern of beauty. Especially when you wear a high collar like the dress that the actress has chosen.

Brianna Pérez: uncut haircut and excessive eyelashes

red carpet beauty mistakes
Although the maxi eyelashes are trend, it does not block us much that almost desmere in the beauty look of the actress Brianna Perez where they almost unite with the bangs.

we hava come to end of our top ten red carpet beauty mistakes, if you know another mistakes we did not mentioned please leave it in comment below


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