Why Natalie Portman has not gone to the Oscars?

The truth is that she had a good reason.

natalie portman has not gone to the oscars

If you were looking forward to seeing Natalie Portman pregnant again on the red carpet with her Tripitaka and wearing an impressive couture dress (and possibly Dior), you’ve had the desire. The actress, who was nominated for her lead role in Jackie, has not attended the Academy Awards ceremony this year, but for good reason.

“Because of my pregnancy, I can not attend the Independent Spirit Awards or the Academy Awards,” Portman said in a statement to People. “I feel very fortunate to be somehow among my fellow nominees and wish them the best weekend.”

natalie portman pregnant

Portman is waiting for her second son along with her husband Benjamin Millepied, and already the state was in advanced when she was present at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She has not yet said the exact date when she comes out of the accounts and wanted to fool Jimmy Fallon’s show by saying she was not as pregnant as she looked, possibly a strategy to avoid continual monitoring of the press when the time came.

“It’s weird because I’m a little girl in general, and in girls like me you notice pregnancy and more,” the actress said (1.60m) on ‘The Tonight Show’. “Everybody thinks I’m about to give birth at any time, and I still have months to give birth. I went to a store the other day to buy water and the salesman said, ‘Almost, eh?’ I was Like, ‘No, not at all!’.

Everything indicates that Portman has not wanted to risk and that now it is about to caramel. We’ve missed her so much …


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