Kim Kardashian has trouble being a mother again


Kim Kardashian is looking forward expanding the family, but it is not easy. After the birth of their children North and Saint the television star suffered a complication in which the placenta adheres more than normal to the uterus called placenta accreta.

Kanye West’s wife is considering undergoing surgery to solve this problem as she explained in her Keeping Up With the Kardashians program: “I have to have surgery in my uterus to repair this hole. Scar tissue. It would be a high-risk pregnancy, but I could get pregnant again. ”

Despite the risk to her health is not willing to give up her illusion. “Having more children is definitely going to be a struggle. I’ve been through so much with my previous births that doctors do not think it’s safe for me to get pregnant again. This surgery is the last option I can try. I want to know that I did my best to make this happen. ”

Kim is so eager to have another child that she also raises other options such as surrogacy.


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