Keep Your Relationship Fresh and Exciting


Falling in a love with someone is a special thing. It may hit a person all of sudden, when they discover that they really can’t live without the other. It should and must be mutual, because unrequited love is so very painful. If the other person has the same feelings developing, then you are both very lucky.

Love is delicate and can fade just as quickly as it starts, as most people already know. We know that if couples start to get too comfortable with each other, love can dissolve. Every couple must learn to be in touch with the ebb and flow of their relationship, and make it their priority to keep it going.

Everyone wants to feel special sometimes, so give your partner a special gift–just because. Women always love flowers or small jewelry gifts and men love small trinkets that don’t have to be expensive. Couples should take into account that it is the just the idea that they are thinking of each other. The cost or value of any gift should not matter.

Be fun and impulsive, like leaving your job early and going for a walk with an early dinner at your favorite place. Use your imagination, and think of things you did together in the past that you loved doing together. It will start new memories that you can share together.

Keep involved in what’s going on in your partner’s life. Many couples suffer from relationship boredom and burnout because they change and go into other directions. Because of this, they do not keep the connection emotionally and spiritually.

Any form of physical contact is a fantastic way for a couple to stay connected as it helps keep the relationship together. An affectionate gesture will always be remembered and cherish by most couples–it can be sexual or nonsexual, it doesn’t matter. People should never stop being physical with their partners as physical affection is one of the hallmarks of a good strong relationship.

Sincerely felt affection is meant to be shared, so be generous with some hugs and kisses before leaving home. Many people who did not treat their relationship as a priority will tell you with regrets how painful it is to lose that love they now believe was unique and special.

Source by Silvie Ramey


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