Johnny Depp worries about drastic physical change


johnny depp with beaty

For months, the renowned Johnny Depp has made news for some personal problem. First was his separation with Amber Heard, an actress who in May 2016 accused him of mistreatment. Then it was, for his wallet, as some reports say that the Hollywood actor is on the verge of bankruptcy.

johnny depp health problem

The actor caught the eye when it came to Lady Gaga’s birthday this week
This time it was Johnny Depp’s health that worries his followers. The artist was photographed entering Lady Gaga’s birthday this week and many were surprised by her appearance.

johnny depp health worries
Completely dressed in black, with a beret and big sunglasses, the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” did not make his extreme thinness go unnoticed, as reflected in some images. Johnny Depp has lost a lot of weight and so far it is unknown if this is due to some new role in the cinema or is only a poor health.

johnny depp health worries and bankrupt


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