How to Set and Achieve Your Goals


If you do not have goals then you are going nowhere and will probably never accomplish much. If you do set goals and work on achieving them then you will give yourself direction and move towards it and so accomplish a lot more. In this article we consider the keys to effective goal setting and achieving.

Effective Goal-Setting Requires a Clear Vision

In order to set effective goals you need to have a clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish. You should be able to picture in your mind exactly what you want to accomplish and what would happen when you do. Try to include as many of your senses as possible, think about the things you would taste, feel and smell if you reached your goal and it will help to form a clear picture in your mind.

Goals Need to Be Written Down

Most people tend to forget goals if they are not written down and so in order to make your goals more achievable you should write them in a place where you can see them often. You should also set a time limit that you want to reach these goals by and ensure that they are achievable and realistic while still stretching you a little.

Take Action

Unless you put these into practice you will also not achieve anything so start taking steps towards their fulfillment. Plan each day how you are going to move closer to your goals and do not procrastinate.

Develop a Positive and Grateful Mindset

Our minds are powerful tools in the accomplishment of our goals, if we are positive then we will have more motivation and energy to carry out our plans, while if we are depressed then we will not feel like doing anything and will lack the motivation we require to follow through. Develop a positive attitude and one that is grateful for even the small things that come your way and you will have more motivation to achieve the plan for your life.

Setting and achieving goals is about clearly picturing and writing down what you want to accomplish and then taking action, with a positive mindset, to carry out your plans.

Source by Mandy Buchanan


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