How to Save Your Relationship Without Losing Your Dignity


Saving a relationship can be hard work. If you are wondering how to save your relationship but feel that it is important to do so without sacrificing your dignity in the process then you should be glad to know that this is very possible. In fact, you are far more likely to save your relationship if you avoid sacrificing your dignity than if you leave your dignity by the roadside somewhere. Your partner wants you to be strong and independent Just as much as he or she wants you to need him or her.

If you feel that your partner is slipping away and want to know how to save your relationship it is better to begin the process sooner rather than later. The following advice will help you assess the situation and get your relationship back on track.

  1. View things from a rational and logical point of view. Examine your relationship as though you were seeing it from the outside rather than a part of the relationship. This allows you to be calm and actually sift through the emotions to see both sides of the issue. It is rarely the work (or lack of) of one partner alone that extremely leads to the end of a relationship but rather the lack of effort or the wrong efforts by both parties. Be calm, be rational, and be firm in your efforts to save your relationship but avoid saying things out of the emotion of the moment that can not be taken back.
  2. Identify the problems. It is very important that you work together to find out where the problems in your relationship lie. It very well could be small misunderstandings or the way you word things when you talk to one another. It could also be the old "Mars and Venus" instance of "he said and she heard". Whatever the problem you need to be able to get to the source and stop fretting through the symptoms. Once you address the source of your problems you will find that the symptoms all but disappear.
  3. You must both be prepared to work. A relationship worth having is a relationship worth fighting for. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to fight for a relationship if only one person is doing the fighting. To achieve the greatest success you need to both be committed to making your relationship work.
  4. Be patient. Patience is the key to making any relationship work whether it's on a rocky path or walking the straight and narrow. You must be patient, work together, and cultivate your relationship in order to experience the amazing results a healthy relationship can bring.

When it comes to how to save a relationship there is no guide that can save every relationship every time. But, if you follow the advice above you will find that your efforts are far more likely to pay off than if you just let things go and hope for the best – which is unfortunately what many couples do.

Source by Stacie Diane


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