How to Maintain a Good Relationship (For Woman)


Have you ever wonder? Why some couples can have a long lasting good relationship while other couples can not. In order to have good relationship, couples must learn how to give and take from each other. There are 100 over reasons why couples can not have a good relationship with each other, and when counselor start to counsel the "drifting apart couple", then they realize that they had neglected each other feeling. You are not alone, many couples face the same problem. Here are some relationship tips for woman which can spice up any couple's love life. It is not difficult to maintain a good relationship.

Tip 1 : Timing is Everything Choose to talk at the time when he is not engaged in something, like when he is relaxed, not tired or hungry.

Tip 2 : Check your attitude Remember that the driving motivation for a guy to give and love more is appreciation from his partner. So have you (Girl) been appreciative of what he has given or done for you?

Tip 3 : Say it directly and briefly Do not beat around the bush and avoid validating your request with a list of reasons or long explanations. Ask what you really want directly instead of implying it, and without putting the blame on him. Have the mind set that he does not need to be convinced.

Tip 4 : To have good relationship with each other. Please practice the golden rule of silence. Be gracious if he does not respond favourably, after you had asked or said something. Tell him how much you need him for his support and resist the urge to accuse when he give excusess. Remain silent until he responds favourably.Guys love to be pampered too, so tell him how much you appreciate him and what things he did recently, which will make him feel good, or be nice about the mistakes he made.

I think that they're pretty true and applicable, so here it is. Hope it helps you too!

Source by Vic Chan


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