How to Get the Man You Want – Relationship Advice for Women


Love is not always fair. Most of us have been in love with a man at some point in our lives who just was not as into us as we were into him. Not only is this devastating emotionally but it can be incredibly disappointing. If you feel that you've met the man you are destined to be with and he does not seem interested in more than a casual dating relationship is there anything you can do? There is. Knowing how to get the man you want starts with understanding how to make yourself completely irresistible to him.

Obviously, in order to get the man you want you have to begin by being very different from all the other women he's dated. That may seem like an impossible task given the fact that you have no idea what the other women have been like. Luckily, most women act in a similar fashion when they are in a relationship. They question the man's devotion, they may act insecure and they want a commitment quickly. If you can go against the grain and work hard at not being these things, you'll get him to not only notice you but want you as well.

Start with your confidence level. It's got to be at an all time high if you are determined to get the man you want. You need to be self assured without seeming cocky. You can do this by embracing who you are and loving everything about yourself. Do not apologize to him for anything you do not like about yourself. In fact, do not let him see that you do not like yourself. Men crave to be with women who are oozing confidence, so become that woman. You'll feel better about yourself too.

You also need to be able to afford your man some freedom. Jealousy has no place in a serious relationship. In order to get the man you want you have to let him do what he wants. Do not question him about where he's been, never ask why he has not called and does not assume anything when he looks at another woman. Instead focus on your own life too. Make plans with your friends apart from him. Do not always be available when he wants to see you and show him that he needs to fit into your life. You never want to allow a man to see that you are changing your life to accommodate him. Let him change his life to accommodate you. He'll love you more for it.

Source by Gillian Reynolds


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