How Can You Tell If You Are Being Used in Love? 7 Ways You Can Use to Figure It Out Instantly


But there are times when there are doubts and you are not too sure of your partner's true feelings. Does he really love you or is he just using you. The following hints will clear your confusion.

Are you the one taking initiative
If you are the one who is always making plans and taking pains to meet, then you need to think if your doubts are valid. It seems that you are not important to him, as he makes no effort of wanting to be with you.

He does not show much interest
When you are together, you feel that he does not show much interest in what you have been doing or what interests you, your aim in life and things like that. He does not invest time to get to know you better.

Is the relationship one sided
Are you the one who always gives and he is one who takes, think how the things are between the two of you. Do you always shell out money, do things have to go according to his wishes, and does he take your opinion into account. Answer to these questions will clear your doubts.

He makes excuses all the time
When you suggest that you should meet in your spare time, there are excuses that he has busy or that he has other plans. It clearly shows his lack of interest to be with you.

How is your communication
When you are in love you just can not get enough of your partner. You dream of being with them all the time. If you think you are being used, see if there is lack of communication, are there excuses to avoid your company, you will know. Sometimes others can see things which you can not; maybe your friends can see his true nature, so take their advice if you are in doubt.

He is selective
He might give excuses when you want to go for dinner, may say he is busy when you plan for a movie; but when sex is involved he is always free. Wake up girl, see that he is using you for the good time that he can have with you.

You have no clue about his schedule
The guy is certainly using you when you have no idea about his plans, he does not bother to give out what he is doing. In fact you may realize that his friends know more about him than you, this is a clear sign that he is not serious in the relationship with you.

Source by Krista Hiles


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