GPS Tracking and Employer-Employee Relations


When it comes to GPS tracking systems and employers there is a lot of talk about how they can be used to help make sure that employees are doing what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it. There is no doubt that many an employee has been going somewhere because they were not expected to, driving faster than they were supposed to, or leaving the car idling for much longer than is necessary or economic. And, yes, as an employer you may find yourself making an example of an employee through reprimand or other action once a GPS tracking system singles out someone as an abuser of company property.

It is also possible that you may find that there is some extenuating circumstance or reason other than flagrant rule-breaking that accounts for an employee's lackluster performance. It could be anything, really. An employee who has started drinking a lot of water for health reasons could be stopping off to use the restroom more frequently. Adjustments can be made, but this is something that you would not know if you had not installed a GPS tracking device in your company vehicle.

There is also another use for all of the information that you get with a GPS tracking system. What about using that information to reward employee excellence. If your GPS tracking devices show that there are employees who consistently complete deliveries on time, stick to the assigned route, obey the speed limit and do not waste exorbitant amounts of gas idling, why not find a way to let them know you appreciate them efficient work?

Now some people will say it makes no sense to reward someone for doing what they are supposed to do, and I can understand that line of thinking. There is not need for a grand ceremony to honor a person for performing the job duties that they agreed to perform. You can, however let someone know that you are aware that they take the time to do good work.

Source by Nancy McCord


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