Goal Theory – How Friends and Family Can Help


A goal theory is simply a rule or presumption that aims to help you achieve whatever you desire. One of the most important goal theories is the idea that friends and family can be absolutely essential and extremely beneficial to your success.

First, let's look at the opposite effect. There were a few attention-grabbing studies done recently that showed overweight people typically have overweight friends.

This observation prompted the question, "Is obesity contagious?" Well, you certainly can not "catch" fat in the way you would catch a cold or virus, but it is very likely that you will begin to take on some of the exercises and characteristics of your inner circle.

Think about it: If your friends are always getting something to eat or meeting you at a restaurant, then, naturally, you're going to eat more than you would otherwise.

Goal Theory – Friends and Family

The same can be said for positive hits and habits. Keeping with the weight analogy, if you either start a workout program and schedule gym sessions with your overweight friends, or find new friends that are already in great shape and work out regularly, then you will easily adapt to a new and healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes, it's as easy as just telling your friends and family of your intentions. By simply informing them of your goals, you will be motivated to succeed and show them you can accomplish anything.

It's easy to make excuses and give up quickly when no one else is counting on you or supporting you, so make it a point, no matter how small the goal or accomplishment, to either tell everyone you know of your plans, or recruit like- minded people to take the journey with you.

Put this goal theory to work in your life, starting today, and you'll see how effective it can be.

Source by John Branson


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