Getting Back Together After a Break Up – Relationship Problem Advice in 3 Easy Steps


Getting back together after a breakup can become a reality if you still love your ex and you decide to take some positive action to initiate the process. Something went wrong in your relationship and your first course of action will be to take a long hard look at what caused the break up and put a plan of action in place to change the course your relationship has taken.

Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, whining and crying, or calling your ex and begging for their return most likely wont get the job accomplished and will only tend to widen the distance the problem caused in the first place. Think about how you would react if the situation was reversed. I think you would probably react more favorably to someone in the right frame of mind. Getting back together after a breakup may require a slightly different process and you may want to consider the following 3 steps.

1. Accept the fact that the relationship may be over and it never could have continued to survive on the course that it was headed. Getting back together may require you to change the way you view the problems that drive you apart. Calm down and analyze the situation. Viewing your problems with a clear head will allow you realize the changes that will be necessary to turn the situation around.

2. Getting your emotions in check will make getting together after a breakup a much easier process. Give yourself some time before you call your ex. Making that phone call when you are not in the proper frame of mind will only make matters worse and give your ex more reason to increase the distance between you. It will be very important to work the problem out in your own mind first so you can keep calm during the negotiations with your ex. It is extremely hard to think effectively when your emotions are running rampant.

3. Getting back together will become a much easier process if you allow some time to pass before you take action. By allowing time to pass you will discover if the love was deep enough that you really want to pursue things. Time may also allow your ex to discover that the decision to leave was made in haste and they may also desire to make up. At this point do not worry about who or what caused the problems just focus on keeping your thoughts and actions positive. Keep your conversations on a casual friendly note. Work on building a new friendship and erasing the negative situations of the past, only then will getting back together after a break up become a reality.

Source by Pat Wilder


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