Your drink tells you how it is in bed

What your drink of choice says about your sex life

For many, the sex life becomes much more fun with a few drinks on, because alcohol makes them forget their inhibitions and leads them to engage in the merely carnal pleasures that sex offers.

Surely many people will consider this as a myth, but various studies have shown that the human body responds differently to certain types of alcohol, and how drinks and sex go hand in hand (most of the time) is more than certain the alcohol your boy swallows determines the type of sex he likes.


Whiskey is one of the masculine drinks par excellence, it is coffee, it is taken alone, it is expensive, and it makes the men who drink it feel like the alpha males of any place, reason why you can expect a session of rough sex and dominant, and most likely the doggystyle will be your favorite position.



In English there is the saying “tequila makes the clothes fall off” and well says my mom that all the sayings have something true, so we can guarantee that if you leave three people in a room with a bottle of tequila, most likely that small meeting will become a fun troupe full of adventures.



There is nothing sexier than the slight disinhibiting dizziness that causes wine, so if your guy is one of those who enjoy it, get ready for a truly romantic and romantic session, but do not let it take too long as this could cause get tired and fall asleep before they reach orgasm.


Vodka has become the favorite drink of twenty-somethings, who enjoy a drink that makes them talk more and become a bit aggressive. As far as the connection is concerned, the vodka makes the flirting become much more direct and intense, for although vodka drinkers do not feel as macho as whiskey, if they believe they can get what they want, whenever you want. So you can prepare for a very good sex without much romance.


The intake of rum ensures a night of laughter, hesitation and disordered sex, in which you and your partner will feel totally comfortable.



Most men are fans of beer, which makes them feel full and heavy. If you want to enjoy a good sex when your partner took more than a six, we recommend that you be the one to take control and prepare for their endless visits to the bathroom.



The champagne makes you feel so special, that romance and elegance will make you spend one of the best nights of your life, in which unbridled passion will become the main protagonist.


Those delicious black pearls will make you have an intense night and full energy, in which your boy will feel like a twenty-something and will make your clothes fly away in less than you can imagine.

What is your boy’s favorite drink?



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