Do You Need Focus To Achieve Your Goals Faster?


Let me ask you another question

What is the shortest distance between two points?

This is not a trick, the answers very simple yes it's one that you were taught at school

… A straight line !!

So what does this have to do with you achieving your dreams in the shortest possible time, before they fade away and you loose sight of them?

Simple, you need to be traveling straight towards them at all times. That way you'll get there as quickly as you can.

So why do not you always head straight in the direction of your goals, why does not everyone always do that?

There are lots of reasons why people do not always head towards their goals. Maybe they make excuses like:

"I just do not have the energy" "My cat / dog / goldfish was ill" "I was too busy" (watching the television …) "I was going to but my friend / distant aunt / uncle / cousin phoned "" I had other things on my mind "

Or sometimes they get confused, there's just too many options to choose from. Or they actually start doing something and following a path and then some new fad comes along and they switch to that and then the next one and the next … In the end they run around in circles getting now. So many people flit around from idea to idea never accomplishing anything.

Or maybe they just over complicate things, adding lots of extra steps to get from where they are to where they want to be.

How many of these things have you done? Go on be honest …

I know I've been guilty of them all …

Sometimes there are things that just can not be avoided – major dramas, serious illnesses and accidents and these will demand your attention, slow you down for a while. But so often people let these events stop them completely.

None of these things have to happen. They are choices. We let ourselves get distracted.

Whatever your favorite form of distraction the result is that you loose sight of your goals and you waste your time and energy getting now. Until ever discouraged and disheartened you give up ever trying to reach that goal.

The Habit That Can Save The Day

So how can you avoid the pitfalls of distraction?

There's one very important mental habit that can make a difference, one learnt by all successful people in all walks of life – business, the sciences, the arts ….

** FOCUS **

Focus your mind and your energy on your goals. Do not let problems and distractions get in your way. Remember what you focus on is what you get. If you choose to focus on distractions then you'll get now. If you choose to focus on your goals, then you will get there.

Focus is a habit that you should practice daily.

  • Take time every day to remind yourself where it is you want to go.
  • Have a well thought out plan that clearly states where you want to go and how you are going to get there – make it believable so that you do not feel tempted to change horses mid-stream.
  • Every day plan the time you are going to use that day. Make sure you know when you are going to do the things you must do to get you moving forward that day.
  • If distractions do come up, pause, take a deep breath. Remind yourself about your plan. Ask yourself this thing help me or hinder me? Only do the things that help you.
  • Use The Right Tools If you are not in the habit of focusing it can be very difficult to do. You will need to work to change your habits. Remember there are lots of tools out there that can help you to improve your focus. For example writing a simple "to-do" list every day helps a lot of people. If this is not enough there are a lot of personal development tools you can find to help you focus better. You need to find some tools that work for you and start using them.

Source by Kevin J. John


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