Brie Larson confirms his reaction to Casey Affleck’s triumph at the Oscars

The actress has revealed why she did not applaud the actor when she won the golden statuette

Brie Larson reaffirmed the fact that words are not always needed to protest. At the Oscars, as the audience erupted into applause when they gave Casey Affleck a Best Actor Award, she was one of the few who did not applaud and celebrated the victory. Many speculated that it was a symbol of disagreement with the allegations of sexual harassment that the actor had in 2010. Now, we know that our hypotheses were right.

This was confirmed by Larson during the premiere of Kong: The Skull Island in Los Angeles.

And he did it when he told an American magazine that his gesture had been totally intentional, a demonstration and silent protest that went far beyond the words: “I think whatever it was that I did on the stage spoke for itself. Everything I need to say on that subject. ”
Because Affleck has been the focus on issues of gender violence since 2010.

At that time two women who worked with the actor in the movie ‘I’m Still Here’ filed sexual harassment lawsuits against him. But the actor has always denied all possible accusations.
The actress, meanwhile – since participating in the movie Room – has been known for denouncing sexual harassment and give voice to each of the victims of this social scourge. She did so at the 2016 Oscars, supporting and saluting all the victims of harassment that came on stage while Lady Gaga performed ‘Til it happens to you’, a song that denounces the abundance of rapes that have taken place in the North American camps.
Following this ideological line, Larson’s Oscar-nominated, but silent, claim to gender inequality was something he could not help but miss.


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