The Best Job On The Planet


A company pays you 9,280 euros per month for traveling around the world and living in luxury homes.

the best job on the planet

The luxury vacation home company Third Home has posted an ad on Facebook that they are looking for people for what they call the “Best job on the Planet,” a job for which they pay $ 10,000 (9,280 euros) a month for travel Around the world and you stay in super luxury houses, so you can check them out and then report the quality of your stay.

It’s a job for only three months, but you’re supposed to stay in 12 of the billion-dollar properties of Third Home. You can take a companion for the trip, but the company will not pay with your travel expenses as it will with your own.


We're hiring someone to travel the world for 3 months! Apply now. DETAILS HERE:

Posted by 3RD HOME on Monday, February 27, 2017


In any case, like other amazing works, incredible and instagrameables, you must have knowledge of social networks, know to tell stories and be an adult with a valid passport.

BUT, unlike most of these offers, this promises you can start your journey from anywhere in the world.

You will be required to have a proven ability to judge luxury, knowing how to distinguish premium from trinkets that are not.

On March 30 the deadline is closed. May the luck be with you.


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