The bad habits we should not copy from pornography


The bad habits we should not copy from pornography
Everything seems so easy on the screen …

30% of all internet traffic is pornography, so it is not surprising that the industry influences the way young people are having sex. That’s why it’s important to remember that filmed sex may be a bit different than in real life, and here are 5 lessons you should not learn about pornography.

1. The “facials”

We do not know when it became fashionable for men to ejaculate on the face of their partners, but it can be a very dangerous practice for eye health. Diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause severe eye infections and even blindness.

2. Do not use lubricant

In vaginal sex is recommended, but anal sex is indispensable. Not using lubricant (as seen in pornography) can cause injuries where sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted more easily.

3. Do not separate anal from vaginal

In pornography it is common for couples to switch from vaginal to anal sex, or even from anal to vaginal sex. Bacteria from the digestive tract should never enter the reproductive system. It is very important that if you decide to have anal and vaginal sex at least you change your condom, but you also have to be careful not to penetrate your partner (or let them penetrate) with your hand or any object and then use it in the vagina without washing it.

4. Unprotected sex

We do not need to tell you that when you have sex, especially if it is with a new partner, the condom is indispensable, but it is rare to see that it is used in pornography and even more rarely used for oral sex. However, you can also get a sexually transmitted disease if you practice oral sex without a condom. It’s common, it’s dangerous, do not do it.

5. From anal sex to oral sex

It is incredible that we have to put this in a list, but there are pornographic videos in which the act of passing from anal to oral sex happens without further thought. The bacteria found in the rectum are very dangerous for human consumption. You can get hepatitis with this ridiculous practice. At least, at least, change the condom.

Everything is valid in sex while both people agree as long as you do not endanger the health of your partner. Take care and make sure that a night of fun does not leave you with serious physical consequences.


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