All the glasses look good, you just have to wear them like Frederikke Sofie


All the glasses look good, you just have to wear them like Frederikke Sofie

The Instagram of the Danish model is the perfect accessory manual that always makes you more attractive.

If you could change your shoes every day of the week (and the month); If you have a different bag for each occasion, why do not you have several pairs of glasses in your closet? And we talk about glasses as much as sunglasses. That’s the million dollar question that any wise optician can give you. To sell more, yes, but also with all reason.
Why not think of glasses as one more accessory? Like that complement that gives your look the touch of-fi-ni-ti-vo like that of Romee Strijd? If we already know that the sunglasses make us more attractive, and the glasses to see more interesting, we stop thinking of them as instruments to take the sun or see better, and start to say that they are “our identity clothes”, as Says one of our favorite girls, Danish model Frederikke Sofie.
Sofie, who defines her style as “casual, boyish and feminine”, the perfect millennial, has made the vintage glasses the garment that sets it apart from other models and influencers. It is expanding its collection in stores all over the world, although its “favorites are Selima and Silver Lining in New York”, and when it does the suitcase does not put a pair, but all that it can.
That’s why your Instagram account is the perfect manual on how to wear all kinds of glasses and not be wrong, the bible of this accessory that we should lose fear or respect. Any type of glasses can fit you, you just have to wear them like Frederikke Sofie. So:

The Tootsie Sunglasses

If it suited Dustin Hoffman, it would not suit you. With loose, wild hair, as Sofie wears it is almost a return to Woodstock. A tribute to Penny Lane in Almost Famous.


What's up NY 🌹

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The ‘Grandma’

If you take a look at the Instagram by Frederikke Sofie you will realize that these glasses are one of your favorites only, why? Because, as a lover of this accessory in its vintage version, knows that this is the most vintage and modern that can be achieved. And they will give you that more youthful and nerdy air that we envy so much of Tavi Gevinson. A teenage trip to the 70’s and 80’s.


She makes me smile so much! 🌜🌷 @lunaschulze

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The Aviator

They are their second favorite model of the season (or the first). Although Sofie has long been wearing a metal frame aviator with her. Long before they were the definitive trend that has reached Zara today. She combines them with her most casual looks and the most feminine, are that masculine detail that she likes to add.


New York, September 2016 by @hadar_pitchon

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Geometric and oversize

They are almost like the Tootsie, but they are not the Tootsie. They are still retro and fun, but also elegant. Jackie Kennedy is our guide.

With pink colored crystals

There is only one rule with this type of glasses: stay away from everything you can to look like Bono. The glasses of pink crystals were one of the symbols of the liberated 70’s and that’s what they get with a look: release it.

We're okay 👌🏻🍂

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Mr. Peabody’s glasses

How to get the glasses made famous by a cartoon dog cartoon are the definitive complement? SO. An intellectual point without falling into the classic woodyallenescas glasses.

Freezing monday 🇩🇰

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Iris Apfel style

“When you do not dress like the rest of the world, you do not have to think like the rest of the world,” Iris Apfel dixit, the most stylish nonagenarian in the world is Sofie’s inspiration here and always ours.

Park moment

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Animal print saddle

Oversize and with a slight touch cat-eye. Perfect always. A classic.


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