Adult Relationship Advice is Much Different From When You're Younger


As a teenager, you always expect relationships and dating to be exactly the same when you're an adult as when you're younger. This is not true, though. There are a completely different set of hurdles for adults looking for a life partner than there are for a teenager looking to have some fun. That's why there is a completely different set of adult relationship advice out there than there is for younger people. There are teenagers out there looking for love, but that does not change the fact that relationships are much different when you're an adult.

1. Do not come off as clingy to your lover. You might love them more than anything in the world, but for some people there is no bigger turn off than someone who will not let them be for a little while. If they're not trying to be attached to you at the hip, do not try to be attached to them.

2. Try to be dependent on yourself. It's not a very optimistic way to think about things, but most relationships do not last forever. If the time comes that the relationship ends, be able to stand on your own and not be crippled by your loss of love. If you think about it beforehand and are able to say "I will live, no matter what", you are set. Leaving a relationship can be heartbreaking, but you need to be able to live through it and go on with your life once the sadness passes.

3. Think for both of you, not just yourself. When you're out shopping or doing something else on your own, take your partner's feelings into consideration and get or do something that they need. Also, when you're together do not just think about what you want or what you want to do, think about their wants as well. This is a great piece of adult relationship advice for those who want to nurture a long-thinking and meaningful relationship – and if you're in one, it will keep it going strong. Showing you are looking out for their well-being as well bringing the best out of a relationship.

4. Do not try to imposes your opinions on your partner. It's very tempting to try to force the person you're with to think the same things you do, especially if you're with them all the time, but it's really not a good idea and most people think it is obnoxious. You may love them, and they may love you, but neither one of you wants to be imposed on.

The underline is to treat your lover how you yourself want them to treat you. Very simple rule of thumb. Hopefully this advice will ring true for many people out there.

Source by Jennifer Langston


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