3 Deadly Relationship Killers – You Must Be Aware Of These Before It's Too Late


A common habit for human beings to make mistakes but at the same times there are some mistakes we make which lead to deadly consequences and could affect the rest of our lives. You see this is probably the major reason why we should be aware of such mistakes even before we commit them. Read on to discover some of the largest and the deadliest relationship mistakes most people make out their and learn how to save yourself from it.

A strong ego- All of us have the need to be respected as that is one of the basic human needs therefore often in a relationship we end up in arguments disputes with our partner which often lead to the temporary breakup of the relationship. You see in a relationship one must be willing to make sacrifices and compromises. But then in some cases the ego comes in between due to which we are not able to find a solution to the dispute with our partner.

A lack of respect for each other- As mentioned above every human being has a strong need to feel wanted and respected therefore the moment you lose respect for your other half the relationship starts going down the drain. A lack of respect for each other could possibly lead to a lot of friction between both partners which would certainly mean the end of the relationship.

Being selfish- Another deadly relationship killer is being a bit selfish when it comes to considering the needs and desires of your other half. It's often said that it takes two to tango therefore a relationship can never survive when one of the partners start acting selfish. There is to be a mutual bond between the two partners.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh


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