10 Exciting Dating Ideas That Will Inject Romance Into Your Relationship


So, if you are in the mood to go on a date and looking for something with a little zing to put the oomph back into your romance, then look no further than these ten exciting romantic date suggestions.

1. Take a road trip to a tourist attraction with a breathtaking view. Along the way, look for some little known diner or dive on a side road and take a chance that it will be something you enjoy. Remember that getting there is most of the excitement and enjoy the uncertainty of what you might find.

2. Go to a mystery dinner theater. Let yourself go and become part of the show itself. The lifting of this inhibition does wonders for romance.

3. Remember some detail about what first attracted you to your boyfriend and incorporated that into a date. For example, if you admire his creativity, go to an art museum and look at stunning works of art.

4. Volunteer to work for a charitable cause. Sometimes working in conditions like these help to remind you of everything good you have in a relationship.

5. Take a course that teachers you and your partner how to ride a motorcycle or drive a sports car around a race track.

6. Go skydiving together! The adrenaline rush will leave you clinging to your beau well after you have landed.

7. Take a tour of interesting parts of the area you live in. There are many different tours located in your area that you probably did not even know existed. These typically range from Haunted History Tours to Wineries and Breweries.

8. Pack a picnic dinner with a little wine and go to Shakespeare in the park. It may still be dinner and a show, but there is something about sitting under the stars and watching live performers that never seems to get old.

9. Visit a Zoo, an interactive museum, or an amusement park for a day.

10. Do something entirely spontaneous. Go out with the intent of nothing more than spending time together and not worrying about where you are going and without realizing it you will find each other.

Source by Steve Ubah


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