The 10 Best Hairstyles in the History of the Oscars


From the classic style of Penelope Cruz to the most daring of Scarlett Johansson
There are only a few days left to start the gala of the Oscars. And we would lie if we said that, we just wanted to see all the looks, the dresses, the best, the worst dressed, the most daring, and of course the best hairstyles.

Therefore here is a top 10 best hairsyles in history of the oscars

Emma Stone

Emma stone hairstyle

As always, Emma Stone knows what to do to always be perfect, and is that despite having a long season of previews, nominations, awards, Golden Globes or the Bafta, is never repeated, of course. It’s the clear example that, despite its midi cut, does not mean that it reduces the options to change hairstyle, and here you have the proof.


Chrlize theron attending the oscars

Charlize Theron is one of those who never disappoint on the red carpet, whether with her incredible dresses or her hairstyle, which blends perfectly. In this case, her short platinum hair does enough work so that it does not need too many touch-ups, but if it also gives that finish with volume in the fringe, the result is simply impeccable.


BEHATI PRINSLOO attending the oscars

Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo attended the 2016 Oscar Awards along with her husband, musician Adam Levine, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song. However, she stole all the requests of the photographers, because her look was one of the best of the night. With it, his simple hairstyle, with a perfect collection, also enters our list.


actress anne hathaway arrives at the oscars on sunday

The short hair is the one that less options can allow us when changing of hairstyle. That is what some think.Perfect! As usual.


Jennifer Lawrence is the girl with whom we would all love to go shopping, go to the movies or just spend the hours talking. That’s why we also saw it reflected on the red carpet 2013 with that “princess dress” and that impeccable bun, which would be our future new hairstyle favorite for the upcoming weddings and important events that we had that year.


KATE WINSLET attending the oscars

If anyone knows how to win the whole public, that is Kate Winslet. Our beloved Rose triumphs wherever she goes, and this time her perfect blonde mane filled her with volume with waves in the purest classical style.


SCARLETT JOHANSSON during 87th oscars the annual

Scarlett Johansson has always been one of the most daring. Especially since he decided to cut his hair and try another style. Like everything else, it turned out to be great, and it’s a hairstyle that does not all look as good. At the moment of going through the red carpet, betting on a good tupé with volume, Scarlett returned to shine.


PENÉLOPE CRUZ attending the oscars

With Penélope Cruz it was difficult to be alone with one, but finally we chose the hairstyle with which she attended the Awards in 2013. Very classic, combined perfectly with a necklace of pearls and earrings (not to mention the beautiful dress). Without a doubt, our most international actress knows how to succumb to Hollywood.


Actress Nicole Kidman during 87th Oscars The Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles on February 22, 2015.

Simple, but impeccable. So Nicole Kidman came in 2015. She has always had a preference for loose and smooth mane, and we have seen her with much longer cuts before, but that year, because of her delicate but very worked style, will always be one of our favorites.


Actress Jennifer Aniston arriving for the 85th Academy Awards " The Oscars " on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013, in Los Angeles.

And because the hair of Jennifer Aniston is the year that it is, it seems that time does not pass for her (or the actress herself). This is perfect for both a normal day, as we could share the rest of the mortals, as to attend the Oscars, no more or less. Just for that, Jennifer Aniston could not be left out of our list.



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